Version 1.0.2 - Update Release

Major update to the AI. The idea is to keep the sim running as long as possible with any given set of  random parameters. Improved shark hunting/chasing. Improved fish fleeing/escaping. The goal is to mesmerize the viewer with dramatic patterns of colors while reducing predictability, compelling  the viewer to stick around longer to see what happens.

Attached are screenshots of the app in normal and debug AI modes. Visualizing important data like which creature is using which AI method, current status of creatures, and a heat map of attractive squares within the sea map helped greatly with designing and debugging Shark and Fish behaviors. The colors displayed in debug AI mode tell me everything I need to know. Looking at raw numbers in the debugger for potentially thousands of creatures would have been pointless.

Visualize the data in a coded way to see the big picture and figure out what is going on.

See this devlog post for more information on how the AI works.


Sharks v. Fish Windows Installer 13 MB
Dec 31, 2018

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